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Journal 6/25/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, June 26, 2019 1:03 AM

It was a productive day.

Around 9:00 AM, I went to Safeways to get quickly fruit and bread. Though, I just ate the grafruit and the coffee. After, making the bed, and orgnaizing a bit home, I went to campus at 9:50 AM. I arrived 2 minutes late for a meeting. I arrived at 10:02 AM.

The meeting was very helpful. I got feedback, then I focused on my work.

While economics is not my area of expertise, it is an important aspects of planning. Quick learnings have clarified political ideologies, and I defined mine as well.

As I have expressed in prior posts, the problem with Marxism and the socialism is to reduce the human being and nature just to matter. Further, to make perfect plans for future, totalitarian, all encompassing, which covers social aspects, political aspects, science. All the variables in control, everything institutionalized. Then I will ask to the Marxists to plan my creativity as well.

The problem of these bureaucratic and propagandistic fallacy is that they build big government institutions for solving the problems of people. It creates people dependency on the state. I think that people can solve their own financial problems. We need regulations, yes. But I do not think that we need demagogues who offer houses and all the services to people, which often end up just a promises. It is true that there is plenty of talented people there, with excellent values, and willingness to serve. However that system does not provide freedom. The promise of equality is a bad promise. All of us are equal. It is up to the person to be free. Freedom not only come work and some rest, although work is a major aspect of freedom.

I have on my reading list for side time Friedrich Hayek, who had proposed interesting economic theories. But also will finish the books of the nationalist authors Engels and Marx, which I already got.

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Journal 6/25/’19

Berkeley, Tuesday, June 25, 2019 00:12 AM

It belongs to Monday, June 24, 2019.

I aimed to sleep earlier. At least I am starting to write it earlier than prior days.

In previous posts, I talked about great lyrics in Spanish, and how I felt them in my skin. I stand on that, however, there are great songs in English that I am connected with. The thing is that I do not remember their lyrics by heart, which actually should be by memory, but that is the English expression, as easy as do with the ones in Spanish. then is a thing of the moment.

I love the song I’m a believer, which is original by the Monkees. I live more the cover by Smash Mouth, which is the soundtrack for Shrek movie. I need to learn and cover than song in the guitar. Smash Mouth has plenty of good songs.

I can go on with the English music preference, I will keep the list short. I like U2, and I admire Bono. Further, I enjoy the folk music. Some bands and single singers have made a great fusion. In general, I have great apreciation for singers, who also are song writers. They might have an additional story to express when they sing. I do put attention as much I can understand. However, I also admire the singing art itself.

Jason Mraz is a great singer. Over my college time I liked the groups Elefante and Mana, I given them honorary mention here.

Yesterday, i listen a folk song in the movies in San Francisco that I really liked. San Francisco – Scott McKenzie. It is San Francisco, written by John Phillips, and sung by Scott McKenzie. very catchy and gentle song, if you are or have been in San Francisco.

Lately, today I read some of planning theory. There was an interesting debate on the purpose of having a theory rather than the adaptive practice mainly between Professor John Friedmann and Professor Bish Sanyal. I raise questions over all totalitarian approaches. However, I still have a long way to learn more about the planning theory.

Unrelated, in the afternoon, I just took the book of Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm from my bookshelf. Randomly, I open in Cinderella. I read it, it is just 11 pages. Regardless the topic, those legendary tales bring values and wisdom.

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Journal 6/23/’19

Berkeley, Monday, June 24, 2019 12:41 AM

It belongs to activities on Monday June 23, 2019.

I spent my day in San Francisco. Last night I stayed up until 3:50 AM. I woke up this morning at 8:43 AM, which is late.

I left to San Francisco after breakfast and quickly checking the newspaper. On my way in the BART, I updated my spreadsheet of data analysis of daily activities. I think I described in a post about 10 months.

After that quick update, I just focused on trip. I went for buying a book and another important item in the Paulist Bookstore, which is in China Town, next to the old Cathedral. Thus, the plan included going to mass first there. After mass, and after finding what I was looking for in the Paulist store, I went to explore to surroundings, and getting lunch.

After lunch, I went to the Californian Historical Society museum. It is a small place with short exhibitions. Today, they have pictures of the constructions of the railroad. While the pictures where interesting, beyond the years, there was not much learnings from, ah, apart that the recognition and gratitude to the constructers of the railroad, who were mainly inmigrants, likely, illegal. That is a key point that Californian Historical Society emphasize, and overall they do a good job on placing the historical importance of immigrants and diversity. Back to a detail that I skipped, the railroad was finished in 1869. It connected the East to the West. The first railroad in the west arrived few years before to Utah. Now, then, there was a railroad interconnected network system across the United States.

Then I went to explore my second park of the day. One block from the museum. Yerba Buena. That is a great place. The park is beautiful. Before lunch I visited a park in China town, which was OK, but there was a great honor to one priest who was great to the local community, and in other corner, a statue of Asiatic young women, called Women’s Column of Strength. The purpose of that statue is not in order that people do not forget Japanese abuses in the countries they invaded during World War II.

In Yerba Buena Park there is a beautiful artificial waterfall, underneath the water fall there are writings in the wall of the wishes of the local people in several languages, all translated to English.

There is an amc there in Yerba Buena park. I went there because there was a movie at 3:20 PM, the Last Black Man in San Francisco directed by Joe Talbot, and the main actor is Jimmie Fails.

The movie is about the house price peak, which has moved people away from their former houses. It was about one house, the house from Jimmie’s family.

I had an awkward situation going to the movie, that I gave my ticket at the entrance, and then I lost the half of the paper that the control guy returned to my. I remember that my seat was 12, but I forgot if it was in the 2nd or in the 4th raw. I sat in the 4th raw. It looked fine, during the 15 or 20 minutes of commercials, until when the movie were about to start a guy came to claim the seat 10. The cinema was quite full. So the two persons next to me said that they got 11 and 12. Then, I moved to the 2 second raw. Even before sitting when I just came in, I left for a minute to look for the tickets in my pockets as the lights were off already, as the commercials started. Anyways, not big deal.

Regarding the movie, it is true advocacy against gentrification. From a community narrative. It could be hard to understanding if one is not from San Francisco. However, the actors said that they have had a great acceptance and support in other cities across the United States.

What I started to narrate was the surprise for audience at the end of the movie, not that message, the surprise was that Joe Talbot, director, Jimmie Fails, main actor, and three additional actors came for fifteen minutes of questions and answers.

Jimmie personality is the same as in the movie. Quiet, thoughtful when speaks, humble, and determined.

I did not have questions, as I felt I need to know better the city to ask. At the end I was in San Francisco, to which I am a visitor, whereas plenty of the audience I imagined were locals. Regardless that I actually did not have relevant questions, beyond curiosity of the skating, and the house story. I congratulate them, though their presence and Q&A after the movie, made me appreciate it more than I did by the play itself.

Back to Berkeley, I stopped by the bookstore, Half-Price Books, which is interesting. I got two books on topics related to politic science, as I am working on the planning theory, and by curiosity as well. I can develop about them other time. I also got a book on economics, which has the same purpose. Further, I got the book of The constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence, which is small and handy. I also got a map for the wall, though I did not liked it, when I opened at home. I will get a better version of it.

At home I ate dinner, did laundry, set a screw in the wall to hang a cross, and then made a reimbursement that I have left for two weeks.

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Journey 6/22/’19

Berkeley, Sunday, June 23, 2019 2:25 AM

It belongs to Saturday, June 22, 2019

I arrived home around 10:30 PM, after sending my progress from today, and organize my desk.

Indeed it has been a great decision to work six days and left one to rest. Even tomorrow, that I will need to find sometime for doing for process some reimbursements, and to manage few logistics, both things which are a side thing, I feel that during my week, I need to find time for those side things. It has been a long time since I did not defined a completely free day. Having mixed it, with taking free time when I feel like on a Saturday for example, or leaving some work for Sunday was not good. Setting aside this free days make me plan things more efficiently, start the week with more energy, explore more. So, I definitely look for the Sundays to come, on my Saturday days.

Today, I worked on planning theory; and further I read about the ethics of planning. I choose my readings by answering my own questions as I go writing.

In the afternoon, before going to campus, I read for few minutes the republic from Plato. There is an argument by Socrates that affluence and poverty are factors that decrease the the quality of the workers or from their outcomes. For example, if a potter gets rich he might not devote himself to his profession, and so become less hard-worker. While, if he is too poor that cannot buy the tools and the essentials for his job, the products will be of lower quality, and he cannot provide adequate training to his apprentices or sons. I need to read the book for building my argument, but I think what is important is to learn to work hard. The poor might have a higher motivation moved by need. Although he or she cannot produce products yet, or if so those or of lesser quality, their inheritance are hard work, which in many cases are tighten with good values. There is not better teaching for the next generation, who if learned can continue giving a good service to others, might be with greater impacts, than their prior generations did, because of the opportunities that they would be exposed, but still will be same values, and same humility, same hard work.

After I arrived home made rice, fix the blinds, and took the guitar after a long time. I also sang prior getting the guitar other songs. Perhaps what I like from music that is sung are the lyrics, with the voices as well. But it is fantastic how there is lyrics that really touch the heart and one from every single moment. Those song writers are genius or perhaps people who truly love. Today, I listened some songs of Alejandro Sanz, Franco de Vita, Ricardo Montanes, and the great Mercedes Soza. What a voice, what a lyrics. I have not get yet that familiar with English music, beyond the popular one. Also, perhaps still for the language or experience to link them really to the skin, except the song the song Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo╩╗ole.

Over the day, I remembered one of my favorite movies. So I decided to watched it today. “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni. It took me some tears. First, everyone should know well what was the Holocaust. Feel it. It is extremely hard to believe what the Nazis and racists did. We cannot allow those things to happen in the world. Second, while that it is harder to avoid, but avoid if possible, we should understand what wars means. This is second point is outside of the movie commentary. As I said war is not always avoidable, but those cannot be for greed. Back to the movie is a beautiful story of love and courage. It has moments of laugh and sadness. Maria, la llave!

Last night, I decided to do a reading then I went to bed at 3:20 AM. Unfortunately, I woke up then at 11:11 AM today. I will be shifting this schedule back to early riser.

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Journal 6/21/’19

Berkeley, Saturday, June 22, 2019 00:52 AM

It belongs to notes about my June 21 day that I am reporting quickly to myself in call for action, and to correct the schedule back to normal, acknowledging that this is a public space. Beyond the shift of the schedule the habits have been great.

I got home, i think around 11:30 PM. At least earlier than prior days. I submitted my work by 10 PM as usual, wrote a little more, and explore articles on theory, until I deviate to a New Yorker’s article on Theorist-in-Chief, which was very interesting, but after reading three paragraphs, I just realize that I deviate from my work, so better go home, and read it there.

After arriving home or the studio where I live, I fixed the blinds, from which a strong light reflector has been penetrating, from which I was not aware beyond last week. I am in this studio already 6 months. So I do not if this a new light reflector in the multiple nice building in front, or just I did not realized. I also broke a blind three days ago, but I fixed then, it does not require replacement. Or that also can be part of the issue. I closed the spaces between blinds by taping them, and pasted two newspapers to fully close the light infiltration. It has also caught my attention that my homeless neighbor is not there any more, in the bench next to the bus stop in that business, since two days ago. Three and four days ago he got his bike with him while sleeping. Then, I also do not know if the reflector is new, with that purpose, to keep that place clear all night, where will be hard to sleep. Or I really did not noticed about the reflector, and he moved to his next survival stop. The second last hypothesis sounds more realistic.

Then, I read a couple of paragraphs more on the article about Afghanistan president, Ashraf Ghani. A well written biography. President Ghani indeed, seems, because I do not him personally, to be a very interesting and capable person. I am happy for my Fulbright Afghanistan friends, who I met in the pre-academic program in Ohio, before coming to Berkeley.

Last night I went to bed at 3:50 AM, which is extremely late, and so I woke up at 11 AM. I cooked rice for lunch and dinner, tosted the bread, boiled water for brewing coffee, and went downstairs to pick up the New York Times. The Op-Ed article that I skimmed with more attention was about the Wishful Thinking on Venezuela, and how the analysis on why Maduro is still on power. The author argues that people in need does not have time to focus on what is right or wrong rather than the day to day survival. Further after a shower, I read Aquinas, which I am reading in the mornings, prayed, read the Psalms, and learned a bit more about the Novena background, from pocket book I have in this purpose.

I got food for lunch and dinner, at the poulet. Ate lunch at home. I went to campus at 3:45 PM. Scanned material for a reimbursement. Have a meeting at 4:45 PM.

Then, I further advanced in my History and Theory paper until 10 PM, and then a further more until 10:45 PM. While there is theorist in different specific areas, the discipline of planning aims to bring all these specific areas of knowledge to [future] action. I got back my methods paper, with plenty of edits, I definitely need to improve much more my English language, grammar, and style. While that is at technical paper on topics on fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, and environmental engineering. In the history and theory paper I am covering plenty of social aspects, from which I am an advocate.

Over, lunch, I also listened to Bishop Barron’s comments on biblical religion. Likely, my question that I was trying to find answer on his habits or advice on reading the Bible, more than the purpose. St. Anthony of Padua was known for recalling very well the biblical texts on his speeches, and that is something that you cannot do it in one reading. There is plenty of readings that one can grasp reading it in a second and further recurrent reading cycles. It is a daily teaching book of books, piece by piece.